SATYA MicroCapital Ltd. reaches 5 lakh active loan clients, takes cashless transactions to greater heights

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Giving centre stage to its phenomenal growth trajectory, one of the leading MFIs in India, SATYA MicroCapital Ltd. has crossed several milestones since its inceptionon 28thOctober 2016.Adding one more feather in its golden cap, and having a magnanimous portfolio of loan disbursement, SATYA has achieved another benchmark of reaching 5,00,000active loan clients through digital transactions.

SATYA MicroCapital carries out cashless transactions by using biometric-based authentication through Aadhaar Enabled Payment Services (AEPS) which fulfils the objective of financial inclusion, fraud prevention, efficient credit accessibility, all in one go. Augmenting to this, SATYA also launches various literacy campaigns at regular time intervalsto educate its clients regarding digital payments,financial independence, importance of Unique Identity (Aadhaar Card, PAN) and saving habits.

Undoubtedly, the incredible growth rate with which MFI is leading the sectoral space in the present tough market is absolute illustrative of its zeal and commitment. SATYA’s admirable capacity to grow is proportional to the 5,00,000 micro entrepreneurs it has empowered till date along with attainment ofAssets Under Management worth around Rs. 1500 crore since its establishment.

Sharing his thoughts on the achieving this celebrated goal, Mr. Vivek Tiwari – MD, CIO& CEO, SATYA MicroCapital Limited, said, “Striving to earnestly uplift the socio-economic status of people at the bottom of the pyramid, in today’s tough market which is dominantly impacted by COVID-19, SATYA felt theneed of strengthening its framework of digital transactions.Since its establishment, SATYA has been successfully providing financial services to 5,00,000 marginalised families for the elevation of their livelihood and enterprise. It is certainly a record in Indian MFI space wherein an institution has attained such a grand breakthroughwithin 4 years of its origin. I earnestly extend my heartfelt thanks to all our esteemed investors, hardworking employees, and clients whose unmatched trust andsupport has made SATYA reach this benchmark amidstchallenging times of COVID-19. The growth trajectory of microfinance industry has always been progressive; despite of encountering troubling times like Andhra Crisis, Demonetization, GST Act, COVID-19. Owing to the biggest underlying power of the MFI industry - adaptability to change and resilience in the face of challenges, SATYA will continue to prevail. It will continue to work towards the consistent and imperative conduit for providing financial services to a vast segment of the unbanked population whose survival power is exceptionally praiseworthy.” Headquartered in New Delhi, SATYA initiated the course of its operational journey in January 2017. Since then, the MFI recorded a commendable growth rate complimented with inducing real time social impact in the lives of micro entrepreneurs across the nation. The MFI’s portfolio comprises women entrepreneurs from rural and semi-urban areas who seek credit & financial access for setting up and developing their businesses because of their low, irregular, and unpredictable income. Till date, SATYA has activated its operational and terrestrial presence in more than 180 branches across 21 states nationwide.