Sarthak Golui: I have always looked up to Mahesh Gawli and Deepak Mondal

Sarthak Golui hails his father's contribution behind his rise as a professional footballer. The Mumbai City FC defender has played in top clubs like Mohun Bagan, FC Pune City and has also donned the national team jersey on four occassions. 

The defender is one of the sought-after young talents in Indian football, thanks to his versatiity. He came into national conscience after impressing under Ranko Popovic at FC Pune City.

"I started playing football for my father. He has always been supportive of me because this is his dream too and he has been an inspiration for me. He still helps me because he was also a defender during his playing time. He wanted me to play as a centre-back so he could help me. “After every game, he calls me to point out each of my mistakes. He has been my biggest supporter and critique," stated Golui during an online chat session with the Indian Super League (ISL). 

When the Indian Super League (ISL) commenced back in 2014, most teams spent heavily on the foreign contingent and brought some high profile, top quality players. Borja Fernandes, the central midfielder, was amongst the most impressive players in the first few years as he helped ATK win two league titles during his time with the Kolkata outfit. He rates Fernandes very highly amongst the overseas players who have featured in the ISL.

Deepak Mondal and Mahesh Gawli

He also spoke of his footballing idols, namely Deepak Mondal and Mahesh Gawli.

“Borja Fernandes is my favourite player to have played in the ISL. As a defender, John Terry is my favourite player of all time. In Indian football, I have always looked up to Mahesh Gawli and Deepak Mondal. Mahesh helped me a lot during my academy days. When I was going through a hard time, he offered me suggestions and motivated me a lot."

The former Mohun Bagan defender was asked to share his thoughts on who he thinks is the best striker he has come across in the Indian Super League (ISL). Interestingly, Golui named former FC Goa centre-forward Ferran Corominas, who is the top scorer in the competition with 48 goals from 57 matches in his three years at the club. Whereas, in European football Robert Lewandowski is his favourite hitman, who has scored 51 goals in this campaign across all competitions.

"Coro is the best striker in the ISL. Internationally, I like Robert Lewandowski," concluded the defender. 




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