Saroj Khan Gets A Reply From Ganesh Acharya: 'Got Her 5 Lakh When I Recreated Ek Do Teen, This Is How She Pays Back!'- EXCLUSIVE

Saroj Khan is back in the controversy. And this time she has dragged Ganesh Acharya. This morning, it was reported that the senior choreographer has accused Acharya for dividing Cine Dance Association (CDA) and also manipulating dancers. In a press conference, she said, “CDA was established in 1955 and has given dancers like Remo D’Souza and Ahmed Khan to the industry. Even Ganesh and his father were a part of it. Starting a new organisation by boycotting your roots is disloyalty. Ganesh has been badmouthing CDA all over the industry and poaching its dancers by promising more money. They are dividing the dance community Ganesh has his own people take the posts in the new association."

We got in touch with Ganesh Acharya to know his side of the story. He seemed shocked with the accusations made by Khan and started the conversation by saying, “Aap Saroj Ji se hi pucho ki kya chal raha hai.”

We then prodded further and that’s when Ganesh added, “Why is she holding press conference? Why can’t she call me, the dancers facing issues face to face and talk. She should concentrate on solving their problems than holding media meetings.��

Ganesh also said that the CDA offices are shut since 6 months- as association is stuck in court cases, and suddenly, a few members along with Saroj Khan have opened some new rented office, where dancers don’t want to go.


We then told his about Saroj Khan accusing him of opening some new association and misguiding dancers, Ganesh replied, “Around 400-500 dancers of their own association (CDA) are unhappy and they have taken some rented office and started their own thing- now, they invited me and my mother for its inauguration. I had just gone there to inaugurate the office. I am in no way connected to it.”

While concluding and expressing his disappointment, he revealed how he has always respected Saroj Khan because of her body of work. He said, “Main unke naakhun ke barabar hun, I have always respected her, though we haven’t worked together ever. Jab maine Sajid Nadiadwala ke liye Baaghi 2 ka Ek Do Teen choreograph kiya tha,  woh gussa ho gayin thi. Ahmed Khan had told her that she would choreograph it initially but ultimately he felt that I would do justice to it. That time, it was me who asked Sajid to pay her Rs 5 Lakhs, as a respect gesture, since she was the original choreographer of the song. Not just this, I have also got her money out from a lot of reality shows. This is how I get paid back.”  

As Ganesh was about to hang up, he told us about a video he has of Saroj Khan, which will reveal what her real intensions are. The choreographer insisted that he wants us to see it and sent the video within minutes of hanging up on our WhatsApp number. Stay tuned to this space as we will shortly bring to you the SHOCKING VIDEO.

Image Source:- wshareit, pinterest, indiaforums, sarojkhanofficial

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