Sardor Akhmedov Is Going Public on Human IPO: How To Buy SARAKHM

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The stock market has been around since 1792 and thousands of companies have gone public since. And millions of people built their wealth by investing in promising companies early on. But what in its essence makes a great company? Is it the company’s assets? Or processes they built perhaps? Yes, but most of all it is the people that are behind these companies that can make or break a great company and make its investors rich or broke.

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So, when people invest in Tesla stock essentially they are investing in Elon Musk and their belief in him. But what if you could literally invest in people like Musk? Yes, what if you could buy a share in a human you believe is going to become famous and demanded? Well, it has become possible since last year when the Human IPO platform went live!

And how it works is you buy 1 or more hours of the IPOer’s time at their set rate. So shares in this case are the person’s time. And you can either use this purchased time to have a one-on-one conversation with that person or hold it and resell it with profit in the future. For example, imagine buying 10 hours of Elon Musk’s time at $100/h for $1,000 20 years ago when he really needed that cash that he’d invest in his business or himself, and today you could easily resell that time for millions of dollars.

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Many promising experts have already gone public, including superstar VC’s like Tristan Pollock from 500 Startups and Forbes 30 under 30 Alumni. Human IPO hand picks promising individuals and doesn’t just accept anyone who wants to go public. So, by the time you see a potential investment candidate on the platform, they have already gone through Human IPO’s internal vetting process.

The first Uzbek to ever go public on the Human IPO platform, Sardor Akhmedov is a serial tech entrepreneur and a public speaker excelling in his field. Currently a COO and managing partner of two prominent companies, he possesses work experiences that enabled him to further improve his skills. A subject matter expert in chatbots and voice technology, Sardor Akhmedov launches and scales tech companies from scratch. Currently assisting more than ten organizations in the matter, he continues to make positive changes on different companies, from startups to international organizations like USAID.

He was also recognized as the youngest member of the Forbes Business Council, the first Uzbek to join Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, and the youngest speaker to ever perform on the biggest business forum called Synergy Global. He was also able to perform on the biggest podcast conference called Podcast Movement, allowing him to connect with prominent entrepreneurs and widen his network.

Sardor Akhmedov grew up as an aspiring entrepreneur. Born from a typical Uzbekistan family, he worked his way to the top to achieve success. Living with the dream and aspirations to be successful, he qualified for a private high school scholarship in Granby, MA which paved the way for his attendance at multiple universities, enabling him to get his associate degree in Business Administration. Through his passion, determination, and eagerness to achieve his personal summit, Sardor Akhmedov was able to build his own name and carve a brighter path ahead of him.

In his recent interview with, Sardor shared his goal of becoming the first Uzbek to have built a billion-dollar company in the IT industry. With his nonstop hustle and ambitious character, this seems very much like a feasible goal. Especially considering his already achieved successes at such a young age of 23 years old.

Going public on the Human IPO platform, Sardor Akhmedov dives into a platform that easily connects him to people who need assistance in their entrepreneurial journey or those looking to invest long term to resell this asset of time. Providing opportunities to buy his time per hour, anyone can get a personal meeting and consultation, which will most likely end up forming ideas that will inevitably very positively impact their business or life. Through the platform, Mr. Akhmedov may easily be reached and invited for shows or business advice. Ultimately, people are also given a chance to resell the opportunity of reaching him at a higher price in the future.

Renowned entrepreneurs worked their way from the bottom to the top. While many fail to recognize the potential within individuals, those who were able to believe in Sardor Akhmedov were able to reap the fruits of their trust. They were able to boost their businesses, and this boost proved Sardor’s competence.

Entrepreneurial success requires going through the trial-and-error process. Despite this, Sardor Akhmedov ensures to keep people from wasting time and effort on processes that do not work. His skills, knowledge, and experiences taught him how to deal with things well, and this is why his clients instantly achieve the success they have been working hard for.