Sarcasm is Twitter's coping mechanism from soaring onion prices in India

The every high prices of onions in several cities and stated in India crossed Rs. 100 per kilogram mark has made everyone lose their calm over the economic condition of this country. However, Twitterati have found a coping mechanism with memes to fight this problem and bring some smile on the users face.

In a number of cities in North India, especially in Assam, onion prices have reached Rs 70 to Rs 80 per kilogram and this has made the netizens go frenzy with various tactics to overcome the stress and issue. The hashtag trend with #OnionPrice immediately went viral on Twitter as onion is one of the most important part of the staple food for Indians.

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From selling iPhones in exchange of onions to protecting a bag full of onions with a lock, here are some of the hilarious memes and tweets for you to intake the news in a lighter manner:

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