Sarawak flirting with expulsion through Posa's actions, says MFL's Kevin

Premier League side Sarawak owe Malaysian Football League (MFL) more than what the organisation owes the team, asserts MFL CEO Kevin Ramalingam.

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The war of words between Sarawak FA (FAS) and competitions organiser Malaysian Football League (MFL) continues. 

MFL CEO Kevin Ramalingam on Tuesday hit back at FAS president Datuk Posa Majais' claim that the organisation owes the Premier League side unpaid claims, stating that the Crocodiles currently owe them more in levies.

In a response issued to the local media, MFL claimed that it has refused to pay the travel expenditures of Sarawak-based referees amounting to RM33,726.54 (USD8,153.90) as FAS owes them RM34,924.70 in last year's levies.

On top of this, Kevin also asserted that the association owes RM48,547.30 for this season's levies, while being owed RM20,575.34 in referee travel claims by MFL.

"We previousy have provided an explanation regarding insurance and audited financial reports. Of course if there are accusations that payments have not been made, we will issue the necessary proofs.

"But the criticism won't stop as long as there's someone who insists on finding faults. However, so far the issues raised have been driven by feelings rather than facts," said Kevin as quoted by the MFL media department.

He also hinted at the possibility of the Crocodiles getting kickot out of the competitions for his recent actions.

"This is why there is a rule that a [competition] partner which disparages another can be expelled from the league. But I don't want to focus on this, it's not the focus. Sarawakian football is for the people of Sarawak after all.

"We can't disrupt the growth of football in the state just because the action of one person, regardless of their position. MFL needs to think of the bigger picture, for the sake of all our partners," he remarked.

Sarawak were one of the seven sides punished with grant slashing and a mid-season transfer ban by MFL earlier in April, for failing to register their 2019 roster on time. While the other six teams have generally accepted the punishments in their stride, Posa has refused to take them lying down, even going as far as demanding Kevin step down from his post.

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