Sarah Palin's parents 'sleep with guns' after receiving death threats

London, Mar 8 (ANI): Sarah Palin's parents have revealed that they 'sleep with guns' following death threats made against the US conservative champion and her family.

In an interview with the BBC, Chuck and Sally Heath claimed that Sarah and 'her whole family' had been the target of threats, reports the Telegraph.

"One guy from Pennsylvania sent us and other people copies of a gun he'd bought, copies of a receipt for a gun he bought, copies of a one-way ticket to Anchorage," Chuck said in the interview at his home in Wasilla, Alaska.

"We kind of laugh it off, we got a restraining order on him, and lo and behold last week he showed up in Anchorage. Fortunately the FBI was on top of it and sent him home," he said.

"Not only Sarah has been threatened but her whole family has been threatened. We sleep with the guns," he added.

Sally expressed frustration at the abuse levelled at her daughter.

"I can't imagine what specifically they would object to, and that's what I would like to hear, and what I imagine Sarah would like to hear," she said. (ANI)