Sanjaya Baru on Congress’ decline, Says ‘2014 was the first sign against Rahul’s leadership’

On Frankly Speaking with Navika Kumar, today we have with us famous author Sanjaya Baru, who talks about power and politics and how India has witnessed a shift in the political spectrum. He says, ‘the decline of Congress actually began in the late 1980s, My reading of 2014 verdict was that India rejected Rahul Gandhi's leadership and 2009 was a victory for Manmohan Singh, he delivered more seats to Congress’. He further adds, ‘2014 was the first sign that leadership under Rahul Gandhi was not going to work. By 2019, Congress should have come up with a new leadership’. On speaking up about Congress’ decline, he adds, ‘Congress is actually in power in several states in different avatars. It is only in Delhi that the original Congress avatar is not delivering victory’. He also adds, ‘Rajiv Gandhi ran a whimsical government in the initial months. But what we are now seeing is different, Prime Minister Narendra Modi came up in 2014 challenging the Delhi clique’. Watch the video to know more! #FranklySpeakingWithBaru