Sanjay Jha Takes Potshot at Gandhi Pariwar After Being Sacked From Congress, Tweets 'My Loyalty Not For Any Individual or Family'

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New Delhi, July 15: A day after Congress sacked him from the party, Sanjay Jha took a potshot at the Gandhi family, adding that he will continue to work for the party's resurgence. Sanjay Jha, who recently wrote an article critical of the Congress party, was removed for "anti-party activities" and "breach of discipline". In his first reaction on Wednesday, Jha said he remains loyal to Congress but not to any individual or family.

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"My loyalty is to the Congress ideology. My fidelity is not to any individual or family. I remain a Gandhi-Nehruvian idealist ( a vanishing breed within Congress). I will continue to raise issues that are fundamental to the resurgence of my party. The battle has just begun," Jha tweeted. Jha, who has been critical of the party leadership of late, was sacked as the party spokesman in June. 'Congress is Not What it Used to be, For Sure, Says Sanjay Jha.

Sanjay Jha Makes Veiled Attack on Gandhi Family:

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In recent weeks, Jha had been drawing attention for his articles, tweets, comments etc., many of which were interpreted as anti-Congress for questioning the party's leadership, especially Interim President Sonia Gandhi and former President Rahul Gandhi. In his article, which is believed to be the reason for his removal, Jha had said the party could not present an alternative narrative of governance to the people.

Jha had claimed that Congress has an internal robust mechanism was "not correct" and "it doesn't listen to its members". His views were promptly contradicted by the party. Senior spokesperson Ajay Maken had contradicted Jha and said, "there is no dearth of internal discussion in the party and I have been able to put forth my view whenever I wanted to."

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