Sanjay Dutt on Ranbir Kapoor's affairs: I bet his count is more than 10

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Sanjay Dutt on Ranbir Kapoor's affairs: I bet his count is more than 10

Sanjay Dutt could not believe that Ranbir Kapoor has been with less than ten women in his lifetime.

Rajkumar Hirani's Sanju raised quite a few eyebrows with the revelation that Sanjay Dutt has slept with over 308 women. In an exclusive interview with India Today Television's Rahul Kanwal, the actor admitted that he never kept count.

"I just felt that the count must be 308. Now, I don't know their names and I don't know their... I haven't kept count that way. Even in the film, it's like that. He says, 'Maybe itna hoga.' It was quite a big score," Sanjay said.

At the trailer launch of Sanju, Ranbir claimed that he was nothing like Sanjay, and that his count was less than 10. Sanjay was disbelieving, and laughed, "I bet his count must be more than 10."

Here are some other excerpts from the interview:


It was difficult to relive that. I was trying to hold back my emotions in the theatre. It is difficult to relive your life. After the film ended, I just broke down. I just couldn't believe it.

Ranbir was much much better than the real Sanju. He is really come across so well that I couldn't find any flaws.


I don't think anybody would spend Rs 30-40 crore to change his image. That is too much of money. Whatever they say is their point of view. I have told the truth. The truth has been accepted by India. I am happy that people have accepted my life and learnt from it.

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Sanjay Dutt is never a dark person. Why do you think so many people love me? There is nothing dark about me. Growing up the way I did - it was no different than a usual teenager or youngster
There was nothing special about being Mr Sunil Dutt's son. I made mistakes - a little more. I even went to jail for it which I don't regret.


It is not only for me. It is for any actor's son. Difficult for me to a certain point. I knew I had to break that image - of being Mr and Mrs Dutt's son. For being Sanjay Dutt and them as my parents. That made my father proud. I'm proud that they wer proud.

I am a wonderful human being any way. The pressure was the old-school pressure. What he became was on his own. He did not say 'Beta achha kia hai' very often. That was the pressure for me.


Lot of pressure when my mother fell ill. My movie was on the verge of release, and she was in the coma. There was a lot of pressure. I was very young. I just couldn't understand why I had to leave my mother and do the film.


I couldn't forgive myself for many years. It was a lesson learnt. I wanted the younger generation to know that that was what drugs could do to you. Your body demands smoking up.


From mother: The most important thing is to be a good human being. Everything else comes after that. I learnt that from both my father and mother. I'm passing on to my kids.

I hope my wife doesn't pamper my children the way my mother did me. My wife tells me if the kids don't hate the parents when they are growing up, there is something wrong in their parenting. I am tough to my children when I want to be tough.


I've tried to show them my life. Whether it is doing drugs and how it built up into something huge. I also tried to show them that when this Sanjay Dutt comes back from the rehab in America, that friend is still standing there. I tell kids to stay high on life, stay high on work, in the gym.


Drug addiction is a disease which cannot be cured. Today if I think I can smoke up a joint, I'm finished. The fear of relapse is in the first five-six months of quitting. I diverted my mind in the gym. I started feeling good with my body.


In those days, there was nothing called steroids. It was everything on a diet and normal. Then came the protein powders and now it's steroids. I had to clear my image. People used to think I was on drugs. So people started saying tha he has a good body - that can't happen on drugs.

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