Sania Mirza Opens Up on Coronavirus Pandemic, Reveals Her Experience

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Coronavirus pandemic has hit everyone alike, from a celeb to a common man. All lives have come to a standstill. Ace tennis player Sania Mirza, who is currently in Hyderabad with her family and son Izhaan Mirza-Malik, recalled her experience of witnessing the tension and fright amid Coronavirus scare.

“I flew from Dubai on the morning of March 8 and managed to reach Indian Wells around 20 hours later. And about an hour later, the tournament got cancelled,” Sania told Hindustan Times, adding that it was then that she realized the impact of the outbreak.

“We were hearing about stuff happening around the world but it wasn’t as close to home as I thought,” Sania said, adding, “But then it was spreading like fire.”

While flying down to Hyderabad from Los Angeles with her dad, an unusual incident delayed their flight to the next day. “Five minutes after we got on to our flight, there was an accident before we started taxiing. Something went wrong with the plane’s engine”.

The player and her dad were screened at Hyderabad airport and decided to self-isolate at home. Even though it wasn’t necessary, they took this decision to avoid any risks.

The tennis player is working on her fitness by working out at the tennis court in her house. She is living her life at home, spending time with the family and son Izhaan.

“Tennis-wise, I had just got back (on the Tour)… I felt that I was starting to play really well, and coming off some victories at the Fed Cup, I was very confident going into my future tournaments. But hey, it is what it is!”