San Francisco's Poop Data Shows Increase in Open Defecation Incidents, City Witnesses a ‘Brownout’

Team Latestly
Open the Books, has released poop data of the city since 2011 and the results are quite smelly.

San Franciso is facing a poop problem and the residents are complaining all over again. Streets of the Bay Area are experiencing a 'brownout', says Open the Books, a nonprofit government watchdog. Residents of the city have at multiple times in the past experienced disgust with human waste being littered on the road. The main cause of the problem is an increase in the number of homeless people who defecate in the open. According to recent reports, recently there is a spike in open defecation in the Bay Area. And now, Open the Books, has released poop data of the city since 2011 and the results are quite smelly.

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The government watchdog's report shows a sharp rise in such incidents between 2011 and 2018. There were over 5,000 documented cases in 2011 while in 2018 it rose more than fivefold with over 28,000 reported cases. They shared the brown pie charts with the caption, "Lately there has been a brownout in the Bay Area... Since 2011, there have been at least 118,352 reported instances of human faecal matter on city streets." Bill Gates Carried a Human Poop Jar in Hand To Support China's Toilet Revolution

Check out the tweet below:

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'Brownout' in the Bay Area has been attributed to the homeless population living on the streets. Out of the 7,499 homeless people in 2017, about 58%, or 4,353 people, were reported to be unsheltered. The other 3,146 had homes. San Francisco's politicians have tried to address the problem by forming a 'Poop Patrol' to clean the city streets of faecal matter, but the problem seems to be ever-increasing. Train Carrying 10 Million Pounds of Poop Stuck in Alabama Town For Two Months, People Can't Take The Stench Anymore.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed told NBC in a 2018 interview said, "I will say there are more faeces on the sidewalks than I've ever seen growing up here. That is a huge problem, and we are not just talking about from dogs — we're talking about from humans." With high prices and shortage of affordable housing, the issue appears is to be more than poop issues.