San Francisco-Based Bummer and Lazarus Gin is Taking a Bite out of Germs With Their Hand Sanitizer Refills

The award winning and historical famous dog duo labeled gin makers of Bummer and Lazarus have started production of hand sanitizer to help meet the urgent needs during the Covid-19 crisis. Carter Raff the Co-Owner and Master Distiller of the dog adorned gin company commented, "Once we realized certain restrictions were now allowing distilleries to produce hand sanitizer, we knew we too had to react."

In the past two weeks, Raff Distillerie has ordered enough raw materials to manufacture thousands of refill bottles. Carter continued, "With such a demand for new pump bottles, we saw a much bigger need to offer a refill package and skip the pump. Our two size offerings will be 8-ounce and 16-ounce sizes for users to refill any of their existing dispensers or hand sanitizer stations." Raff Distillerie is not only using the components and formula that matches exactly with manufacturing guidelines provided by the WHO and FDA standards released and updated on March 27, 2020, they are also registered now with the FDA.

"Since our spirit brands are such a big part of the restaurant and bar scene, we needed to also find a way to create work and support those types of accounts that have been so loyal to our brands. We are offering to hire out of work bartenders and servers in the hospitality business to help meet the demands of our production on this project," said Jason Hooten, Sales Director and Co-Owner of Raff Distillerie. "We also are in contact with other distilleries to ensure we keep lines of communication open and help each other if there are questions or needs for raw materials. We may be competitive with them when selling spirits, but when it comes to this crisis and this product, which actually could save lives, we all will be better as allies than competitors."

Raff Distillerie confirmed that they have turned their focus to ramp up production from their spirits to hand sanitizer to fill the needs in this growing demand for the public and medical institutions. You can contact them directly on their website, regarding orders and/or employment.

About Raff Distillerie

Raff Distillerie started its award-winning distillery on Treasure Island, San Francisco in 2011. They have now relocated their distillery and tasting room to the Bayview in San Francisco, about 16 blocks south of the newly opened Chase Center, home of the Golden State Warriors. Each batch of Bummer & Lazarus gin they produce is a creamy, floral, dry gin at 92 proof. Raff Distillerie is also well known for their Emperor Norton Absinthe, made in the traditional French process of using real imported Roman and Grand wormwood from France. They also distill an Agricole style Rhum, Barbary Coast, made with real cane sugar, and not molasses.

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Contact: Carter Raff / Jason Hooten
Phone: 415-610-7486 / 707-501-7885