Samuel L. Jackson was 'uncomfortable' on 'Kong: Skull Island' set

Indo Asian News Service

Los Angeles, March 13 (IANS) Actor Samuel L. Jackson, who stars as army Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard in the adventure film "Kong: Skull Island", wasn't too pleased with the amount of bugs he encountered whilst filming around Hawaii, Australia and Vietnam.

He said: "We were in different locations; we shot in Hawaii, Australia and Vietnam so we explored all kinds of jungle. We got introduced to lots of different kinds of bugs that we didn't appreciate. They pretty much kept us as uncomfortable as they could. We stayed hot, we stayed muggy and we stayed buggy but the locations were beautiful, especially Vietnam. Vietnam was almost otherworldly."

Jackson praised his fellow cast members - which includes Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson - and the CGI team who worked on creating "Kong" for creating some "pretty out of your seat moments".

He added: "We've got a great cast of people ... The human element was great. So for us, we always knew we could pull off our jobs; it was about them being able to create these believable and fantastic things that are attacking us whilst we're out there. There's some pretty out of your seat moments in it."

He previously opened up about seeing a rainbow every day whilst filming in Hawaii.

He said: "Some scenes you'd look at it and go, 'ah that was a beautiful place' and then some scenes you'd go, 'oh it was so miserable that day.' ... But every day in Hawaii we had rainbow which was fine."

Whilst his co-star Larson added: "Over the course of six months we dealt with every type of weather - so there's like one scene every time I look at , I'm like, 'That was 120 degrees' I remember we were all dying and other scenes I remember it hailing and being freezing cold but it all looks the same scene."