Samsung unveils new Galaxy Camera along with 're-innovated' tabs, smarphones for Android, Windows 8

London, Sep 2 (ANI): South-Korean mobile maker Samsung has unveiled a raft of new products for Android and Windows 8 that cannot be charged with copyright infringement accusations by tech giant Apple.

Fresh off from losing a one billion dollar patent infringement case by Apple, Samsung has chosen to prove its 'innovating', after being criticized by Apple regarding the same.

First up is a brand new tablet that aims to give the iPad a run for its money, boasting a 10.1-inch screen, the latest version of Android, and a design style that keeps away from Apple's iconic look, the Daily Mail reports.

Samsung has also re-invested the stylus, which is now a slinky pen with a fine tip, that can be used to write naturally on the tablet's surface, giving Samsung a distinctive edge in the market.

As Samsung unveiled the products at the launch event at the IFA conference in Berlin, the standout was the Samsung Galaxy Camera, which in many ways, is a traditional high-end point-and-shooter taking 16-mexapixel images through a 21x optical zoom lens.

Turning the WiFi-enabled camera around, the user is presented with a 4.8" screen running Android, allowing him/her to install apps, play games, watch movies, instantly upload images to Facebook, or perhaps install the Instagram app to convert their images into old-timey snapshots, the paper said.

Samsung also launched the ATIV S smartphone range, which are based on the upcoming Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms. (ANI)