Samsung Galaxy S8 series tipped to boast face detector with iris scanner

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Last year, Samsung successfully demonstrated the advanced Iris scanner in the Galaxy Note7, but its ill-fated battery led to banning of the phone worldwide. In late 2016, reliable reports indicated that the South Korean firm would re-introduce same biometric sensors in the upcoming Galaxy S8 series.

Now, it has come to light that, Samsung has incorporated facial recognition security feature with faster response and low false rejection rate, reported South Korea-based The Investor.

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This comes as a relief for several Samsung fans, as many were fretting over the Galaxy S8 series' ill-advised design language. As per leaked images, the device's fingerprint sensor has been re-located from physical home button (in Galaxy S7 series) to the back of the phone, right beside the camera module.

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Many feel that to be a flawed design, which will lead to the camera's outer lens cover getting dirty. Unable to see the rear fingerprint sensor, people might accidently touch the camera and leave sweaty finger smudges.

Now, it looks like, Samsung, the reigning smartphone-maker, anticipating backlash from brand loyalists, has incorporated facial recognition technology, which will divert the attention from finger print sensor to new and easy way to unlock the phone.

With facial recognition feature integrated with the camera and the IR-based laser to detect Eyes' Iris pattern, placed in the front-panel, Galaxy S8 series owners will be more curious to explore the new bio-metric sensor on the front to unlock the phone more often and considering the fact it will faster (0.01 seconds to respond) and low rejection rate to open the smartphone screen.

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This will sure become a common practice for device owners in the long run and avoid using the fingerprint sensor, which sometimes lead to unintentional touching of the camera lens' outer glass cover.

Other expected features of Samsung Galaxy S8 series:

Samsung Galaxy S7 successor is expected to come in two variants—5.8-inch Galaxy S8 and 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+ (or Plus).

Except the display sizes, everything else will remain same inside the Galaxy S8 series models.

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It is expected to come with 4GB RAM, 64GB inbuilt storage, 12MP dual Pixel camera, 8MP front snapper integrated with IR emitter to act as Iris scanner, Android Nougat and AI-based Bixby digital assistant.

Depending on the region of sale, Galaxy S8 series will come in either Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU (America, Europe and select developed markets) or Samsung's in-house built Exynos 9 series octa-core processor. Both the chipsets are based on 10nm FinFET class architecture, which make phones consume less power and yet operate (or respond) faster.

Samsung is set to unveil the Galaxy S8 series at the 'Galaxy Unpacked 2017', New York City on March 29.

Watch this space for latest updates on Samsung Galaxy S8 series.

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