Samsung Galaxy Phone Users, Beware of this Fraud Android App

Samsung phones are known for getting slow updates compared to other manufacturers and its users have shared that concern regularly. But this month, there’s a big warning for the users of Samsung, who could’ve easily downloaded a fraud app on the phones.

This app called Update for Samsung - Android Update Version was reportedly asking users to pay to get regular software updates, which should never be the case.

The app, downloaded by over 10 million users, according to this report from ZDNet, was merely showing them ads and charging them for doing it. Unfortunately, most of these users didn’t realise they were downloading a fraud app, which meant that a lot of people lost money to it.

Thankfully, ZDNet reported that Aleksejs Kuprins, malware analyst at the CSIS Security Group reached out to Google Play Store team about the fraudulent app and asked them to remove it immediately.

"I have contacted the Google Play Store and asked them to consider removing this app" - Aleksejs Kuprins, Malware Analyst, CSIS Security to ZDNet

Kuprins believes that a large number of mobile users are unable to spot the official update feature on their devices, forcing them to look for easier alternatives. This gives developers of app like these a chance to coax them into not only downloading the app, but also end up paying through it as well.

The app, as per Kuprins, was offering a limited-time free of cost update, after which the user could see a Timed Out message pop-up on their screen. After which, the app would request the user to purchase the full version of the app worth $34.99 (Rs 2,400 approx) to get the whole set of updates.

While most people would be aware that software updates, both on Android and iOS are sent to the consumer free of cost, there’s a section of user who still needs to be informed about it. 

He was also quick to point out that the app had nothing to do with Samsung, and it was just an ad-filled website tricking people into paying money.

People will also be relieved to know that the Update for Samsung - Android Update Version, according to Kuprins, wasn’t used as a vehicle to ship virus onto devices, which could invariably affect millions of users.

For those who’re unaware, here’s how you can get latest software updates (for free) on their phones:

  1. Go to Settings on your phone
  2. Look for System Update section and click on it
  3. Select Check for Update
  4. You’ll be able to see if the firmware update is available or not

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