Samsung Display to mass-produce 90Hz OLED screens for laptops

Representative Image
Representative Image

Washington [US], January 21 (ANI): With the smartphone industry quickly evolving to higher refresh rate displays, Samsung Display announced on Thursday its plans to mass-produce the world's first 90Hz OLED screens designed for laptops.

According to The Verge, several global IT companies are expected to release their models with these new panels installed this year. The company's CEO, Choi Joo-sun said in a statement that the manufacturing of these 90Hz OLED screens will be done in "very large quantities," beginning in March.

While there is no official word by Samsung Display regarding specs like aspect ratio and resolution, as per The Verge, it's a possibility that there will be more than one version of these higher refresh rate OLED screens. Usually, Samsung does claim its current lot of OLED screens to have practically the same level of blurring as that of a 120Hz LCD screen, when displaying fast-moving content.

Though OLED displays are not a common trend in the laptop market, still this is not a thing which is completely unheard of. In fact, a large number of gaming laptops do offer OLED screens as a customizable option, the trade-off being the lower refresh rate than what LCD screens offer.

Samsung Display is the biggest vendor of OLED display panels in the world. Hence, this latest announcement does suggest that laptops with OLED displays are likely to become much more of a common sight in 2021. (ANI)