Samsung's future Galaxy series flagships could come with a fully bezel-less display and an under-screen fingerprint scanner

tech2 News Staff
The Galaxy S9 and S9+ cameras have a "Super Speed Dual Pixel" sensor with dedicated processing power and memory to take high-quality pictures.

As >Samsung gears up to launch the >Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus later this month, the company seems to be already set on raising the bar for its future generation of flagships. A patent filed recently with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) now reveals that Samsung's Galaxy S and Note series could feature fully bezel-less displays going forward.

The >patent found by Lets Go Digital was completely in Korean but reveals that Samsung flagships could not only feature completely bezel-less displays but also an under-screen fingerprint scanner. >Details of the patent also reveal images which clearly points out Samsung's intent. The effort on an >under-display fingerprint scanner will also help Samsung deal with the odd positioning of the fingerprint scanner on its current generation of flagships.

The patent titled 'Electronic apparatus employing full front screen' also mentions the introduction of a pressure sensor under the display which reminds us of 3D Touch on the Apple iPhone. The patent has been approved and granted by WIPO on 8 February 2018.

Samsung which currently ships its flagships with AMOLED panels, states in the patent that the pressure-sensitive display technology will work with LCD, LED and OLED panels alike. This also leads us to believe that the company is willing to work on other displays apart from its popular AMOLED displays.

We do not know yet about how soon Samsung's work will bear fruit but considering the company is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Galaxy S series next year, we could see fully bezel-less smartphones by early 2019. View More