Salon D Gives Stylists the Opportunity To Thrive As They Exercise Their Creative Freedom

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Seeing hairstylists enjoy the freedom of trying out new possibilities in their work, before they even become trends in the hair craft, is very rare. Quite often, stylists are subject to choosing hair cutting or coloring for preferences of their employers or superiors. This is departmentalizing and it's designed to keep stylists dependent on a salon and its management; since they can only provide one service for a client while another stylist performs the other. As a result, many stylists rarely get the opportunity to grow as a business for themselves and showcase their creative ideas, but not at Salon D. At Salon D, all hairstylists are encouraged to make the most of their creative freedom entrusted to them. This approach has been instrumental in helping stylists to thrive and eventually become independent businesses to fulfil their dreams.

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Having been in business for the past 20 years is proof that founder Ardem Keshishian has successfully established a culture that promotes creative freedom and growth among his stylists. His uncommon business approach has developed numerous talented stylists to become the industry trailblazers that they are today. Stylists who currently work at Salon D can confidently attest to this unique approach to running a salon. This unorthodox approach has allowed hairstylists to tap into their unlimited potential, enjoy a positive work culture, and deliver a higher quality of services.

“We build stylists from the ground up; where we take everyday students from hair schools and mentor them to be the best in the beauty industry,” Keshishian reveals.

Also Read | Salon D Gives Stylists the Opportunity to Thrive as They Exercise Their Creative Freedom

Salon D offers a wide array of services, from hair to color, hair extensions, conditioning and texture, hair for special occasions, lash, face, waxing, and nail services. The stylists in the salon have been reviewed, published, and televised by the top magazines and local shows in Dallas. Over the years, Salon D has never failed in meeting the expectations of their clients. If anything, it is best known to exceed them.

Both the staff and Keshishian are proud of Salon D’s “homey” and welcoming atmosphere. Sanitation and cleanliness have always been its topmost priority, even before the pandemic of covid-19. This gives clients a memorable, comfortable, and relaxing experience that always comes first. Anyone can reach out on Facebook, Instagram or his official website to know more about Salon D.

By creating Salon D, Ardem has successfully established a conducive environment where artistry merges smoothly with business. It is a place where young hair stylists can grow and live out their dreams, and a venue where the seasoned hair masters can continue to thrive and be relevant. The ultimate goal is for all hairstylists to have their own business and be their own boss.

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