Salman's 'Ready' Tune Twists

Wit and one liners are not the sole territory of a certain Shah Rukh Khan. Another Khan too can serve up a few smart quotes too… provided he's in the right mood for it.

Case in point: Salman Khan.

The occasion: announcements regarding the 'Ready Live Mad Concert', a three hour electrifying extravaganza slated to be conducted on June 2, 2011 amid an expected throng of 10,000 fans in suburban Mumbai.

Mood: Khan was all upbeat and jovial.

The initiative taken by 3rd Rock Entertainment in association with Provogue India and Agni CZ Jewels witnessed Salman Khan in his element, as he ribbed and took potshots jovially at his targets. Six models sporting outfits from the Spring Summer Live 2011 collection sashayed to the Ready number character dheela hai… and as the music dimmed out… the decibels suddenly went into overdrive as the volatile Khan showed up!

Salman was all gung ho over the 'Ready Live Mad Concert' stating, "It has the word 'mad' in it, because I want people to go mad at the concert and enjoy themselves to the fullest. Bhushan Kumar and T series are also promoting and giving a chance to new talent."

Added Salman tongue in cheek, "In fact, all the auditions of the female singers are being done by Bhushan Kumar himself."

Taking a friendly barb at Pritam, present at the venue, Salman said that he was glad that 'Ready's music was "original", demanding to know whether character dheela or dhinke chika was the "bigger hit". Khan stated naughtily, "I wonder why people feel that character dheela has something to do with my character! Actually, it says a lot about the person who wrote it and the person who composed the song on it."

Admitting that the number was "inspired" from a South number ringa ringa, Salman said, "When I heard ringa ringa, I was sure that I wanted this song number for Ready. Dhinke Chika has been tweaked so much to my liking that… it's almost like a song that I've composed… and Pritam does not even want any credit for it." (laughs)

On a naughty note, Salman stated that he was aware of Anu Malik insinuating that a song track from Ready was actually his "original composition." When I met him, Anu Malik sang a bit of it and it did sound similar to our Ready song. So, I told Anu Malik, 'You should be happy, we have taken your flop tune and made it into a hit song." (guffaws).