Salman Khan – Kabir Khan’s perfect tease: This video will make your wait for Tubelight teaser all the more difficult!

Smrity Sharma

The much awaited Tubelight teaser is just a few minutes away from release and the wait is become unbearable with fleeting second. The makers of the film Tubelight know all about the heightened interest around the film and it’s first look and they are doing their every bit to ensure that the curiosity remains at its peak till the nth hour. Just ahead of the release of Tubelight teaser at 8.58 pm tonight, director Kabir Khan and lead star Salman Khan have given fans the perfect tease through a video!

The video, just posted on Salman Khan Film’s YouTube page beautifully captures the euphoria that this wait for the teaser has generated among media and fans. The teaser shows Kabir Khan rushing to the Mehboob studio, where a major part of the film has been shot. On the way, he comes across a lot of people – all of whom have one big question for him. The filmmaker is seen carrying around a hard drive with the words TUBELIGHT written bold and bright over it. Obviously, like all of us, all those people want to know if it is the Tubelight teaser Kabir is carrying and express their excitement to watch it!


Right from the driver, to the office boys and the assistants as well as the crew of the film – there is no one who hasn’t been gripped with the Tubelight fever! Those people in the Tubelight ke teaser ka teaser is all of us fans right now who are waiting with bated breath to see what is in store for us.

Luckily, the wait is soon to get over and to help us tide through this exciting time, here is the interesting Tubelight ke teaser ka teaser starring Kabir Khan, the man himself Salman Khan and other people who depict all our emotions. Check the video out below and share your excitement with us in the comment section below.