Sales dip to 60 pc at Lucknow's 'Tunday Kababi' on reopening after lockdown

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], June 21 (ANI): Lucknow's famous 'Tunday Kababi' restaurant reopened after three months, however, sales have dipped to 60 per cent as compared to that before COVID-19 lockdown.

While speaking with ANI on Sunday, Mohammad Usman, the owner of the shop said, "The signature dish of galawat kebabs made with buffalo meat has been replaced with that of chicken kebabs as a 'majboori ke kebabs' because buffalo meat is not available in the city since the lockdown."

He further said that footfall has been comparatively lower than the pre-COVID time.

"Though the eatery is also serving mutton kebabs, sales have barely touched 60 per cent of what they were before the lockdown. The crowds flocking the eatery is lesser after lockdown," he added. (ANI)