Pay-scale: These are the salaries of India's top govt officials

Rahul M

Contrary to common belief that government officials have a complacent job in a position of power, they toil endlessly for the efficient administration of the country. So how much those in positions of power get paid?

From the President to the Cabinet Secretary of India, take a look at the salaries of National heads.

Along with the salary, these officials are also entitled to allowances, such as free petrol, free telephone calls, free housing and free travel. Most household expenses, furniture, electricity, water, laundry, security, et cetera are also a part of the allowances.

During Parliament or Assembly sessions, they are also entitled to a daily allowance. Most medical expenses are also taken care of by the Contributory Health Service Scheme of the Union government.

Source: Wikipedia and other sources

Images: Yahoo partners/ Getty Images