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Friday 21, February

Today the planet of aggression meets up with Uranus, the master of surprises. In other words, this is your kind of day, when anything and everything can happen all at once, in the most unexpected ways. Caveat: avoid sudden expenditures because your financial zone is bracing for impact.

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Thursday 20, February

Jupiter in Capricorn is in a sextile with Neptune in Pisces today, bringing some very nice optimism to your financial outlook. The only caveat is that you might believe in a get-rich-quick scheme instead of being willing to buckle down and do the necessary work.

Wednesday 19, February

The Moon is in your money zone today, giving you a healthy opportunity to get down to business and crunch some numbers. If the early days of Mercury Retrograde have had you feeling confused about your entire life, at least there's one important area that you can get control of right now - your finances.

Tuesday 18, February

The Sun shifts into Pisces very late tonight, joining Mercury Retrograde already cruising backward through your home zone. If things have been messy on the domestic front in recent days, this solar energy can help bring more illumination to the issues - but it will likely still be confusing at least until 4 March, when the communication planet tracks back into Aquarius.

Monday 17, February

Mercury Retrograde made it official early this morning, and this first full day of it comes with other messes too. Even though the Moon is in your sign and your peak-energy phase is in effect, Neptune is in the mix, making it nearly impossible to know what's real and what's all in your head.

Sunday 16, February

Mercury Retrograde is here and all you want to do is hide under the covers, Sagi. That's not a bad idea either, as the communication planet is moving through your home zone. You've got everything you need for an interesting few weeks of retreat, rest and quality nesting. You're revamping your vision for what it means to be "at home."

Saturday 15, February

Today's lunar influence is all about taking time out. Don't get lost in the shuffle of life's craziness when your soul is screaming at you to finally take a break and just slow all the way down. You need time to properly process your feelings, Sagittarius. You know this is true.

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