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Friday 27, March

Your work is starting to truly take off compliments of today's Venus-Jupiter trine in the sky. In fact, you might be feeling bombarded with too much work and tasks to complete on your to-do list. How do you find your way back to balance? Look at your tendencies to go to excess.

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Thursday 26, March

Today's lunar energy is all about catching up on your work. Perhaps the daily to-do list has gotten a bit out of control due to procrastination or overcommitment. Now it's back to basics, so look at what you have to do in order to reclaim the peace and balance in your life.

Wednesday 25, March

There is so much creative energy pouring into your life now, Sagi. Use all that used to hurt you for something brilliant and beautiful now. You are a born warrior and your courage is what attracts so many people into your life to give generously to your cause. Those primal fires are being sparked once again.

Tuesday 24, March

The New Moon is here and it's lighting up your house of romance and creativity. What seeds do you wish to plant so they can blossom over the next six months? You're getting into a fabulous and fun fire zone now, Sagi. The excitement is back where it belongs - in your love life.

Monday 23, March

Your inner homebody is taking over today, Sagi. The Moon is dark and your energy is quite low. You're not alone. Everyone is feeling a bit emotional and exhausted and drained under this lunation. Just hide under the covers and watch movies if that is what you need. Feed your soul.

Sunday 22, March

The vibe is incredibly intense out there with Mars and Pluto perfecting their conjunction today. The positive news is that after they begin separating, you should definitely feel like the edginess in the air is fading, and you can get back to living instead of worrying.

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