Sacred Games Actress Elnaaz Norouzi: How Can They Ask Me, Are You Single? Who Will You Stay With?

Reports were abuzz that Sacred Games German actress Elnaaz Norouzi was hunting for a place to stay in Mumbai. After facing many problems for being single, the actress has finally found her dream home in Bandra. We got in touch with the actress and asked her about the struggle that had transpired. Read the excerpts from the conversation:

What happened exactly?

There were a lot of questions like: Who are you going to stay with? How old are you? Are you single? What is your profession? All of these questions. And I always used to be like well, I am an actor and I am single. They wanted to know my company’s name as the agreement was going to be on my name! There were few others, who said we don’t want girls in our place. I couldn’t find a place and had to go and stay with my friend for some time.

What was their exact problem? Why don’t they want to give place to a single girl?
I don’t know. Maybe they think that a girl is not stable. They think she’s gonna have a lot of people coming over, and she’s gonna have a lot of parties. I really don’t know what they are thinking honestly. That’s what I am assuming. Some also say ‘we don’t want to give it to foreigners’.


Was you being an actress or having a boyfriend the problem?
Honestly, they don’t come back to tell you this is the reason that we don’t want you to stay. Frankly, I am still wondering. But yeah, this did cross my mind.

Did your parents then tell you to come back?
My parents are very supportive. Maybe that’s the reason I am able to survive in this country. They will always encourage me and tell me ‘it’s going to be okay’.

Is it only in Mumbai or have you faced this problem in some other cities also?
I have never stayed anywhere else in India. So, I wouldn’t know.

So, what’s the current scenario? How did you finally find a home?
It happened through one of my friends whose friend is a broker. He showed me couple of places which I didn’t like. But then he told me there was a new building that I must look up. I was one of the first to occupy the building. Finally, my search has ended. But trust me, it was very frustrating.

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