Sachin Waze linked to IPL bookies, demanded money from them, alleges Nitesh Rane

Mumbai, Mar 15 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Nitesh Rane linked Mumbai Police Officer Sachin Waze to IPL bookies, and alleged that he demanded money from them. “There are bookies in Mumbai who starts operating before start of IPL. We have information that these bookies were contacted by Sachin Waze. They were told if they didn't give a certain amount of money, we (Waze) would ensure that they get busted, probed and arrested. I have information that around Rs 150 crore were demanded from bookies according to their sizes. There is one Varun Sardesai who has got Y+ security from Maharashtra government and is related to the government. He had contacted and his conversation is also there with Waze. He had said -'why are you demanding this, what is our share?' This angle should be investigated by NIA...Why all Shiv Sena leaders are supporting him? That has to be investigated,” said Nitesh Rane. Mumbai Police Officer Sachin Waze is currently under NIA custody in connection with recovery of explosives from a car found outside businessman Mukesh Ambani’s residence ‘Antilia’. He’s also been questioned in connection with the death of businessman Mansukh Hiren who was the owner of the car.