Sachin Tendulkar Turns Chef And Cooks BBQ Chicken For His Friends in This Viral Video Buzz Desk
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Sachin Tendulkar Turns Chef And Cooks BBQ Chicken For His Friends in This Viral Video

Watch the little master display his culinary skills

Food videos almost always end up grabbing more eyeballs on social media. And when you have Sachin Tendulkar as the chef, then the video is sure to go viral! Which is exactly what happened when the veteran cricketer posted a video of him cooking on Instagram. Turns out that for the ‘Little Master’, the New Year’s Eve was celebrated by cooking for his friends. The video was shared by Sachin on his Instagram account at around 10 am on January 2, 2018. The video , which shows Sachin cooking barbeque chicken for his friends, has already received over five lakh views. Sachin also shared the video on Twitter, and the netizens are impressed with his culinary skills. 

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Sachin Tendulkar, one of India’s greatest batsman, is making barbecue chicken, and the internet is going crazy over this candid video. Fans have commented saying that it ‘sweet’ of Sachin to cook for his friends, while some others also said Sachin should wear a helmet while cooking. This was in reference to a video Sachin had uploaded in 2017, wherein he said that people sitting on the backseat of a two-wheeler should also wear a helmet. In the video, Sachin can be seen checking the status of the barbecue chicken he is cooking, and says that it smells “rather delicious”. Further, Sachin adds that “As time goes by, it is going to get better and better”. Much like Sachin himself, we would think!

The video was shared on Sachin’s social media accounts with a caption that said it was a pleasure to cook for friends, and that he hopes his friends are still licking their fingers. “It was a pleasure to cook for my friends on New Year’s Eve. I am glad all of them enjoyed and are still licking their fingers. Hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve as well. Wishing you all a fantastic 2018. Stay blessed always,” reads the caption.

Here is the video shared by Sachin Tendulkar:

Here is how the Twitterati reacted:

Reference to the ‘helmet’ video:

New feather added to his cap!

A wish shared by many:

Sachin Tendulkar regaled the nation with his cricket skills, and continues to inspire the nation even after his retirement with his various assignments. Besides investments in startups, clothesline – True Blue, and endorsements, Sachin also devotes time and effort towards encouraging young kids to play sports – any sport. Using the hashtag, #LetsPlayIndia, the master blaster shared multiple videos where he is talking directly to the citizens of India, and requesting them to encourage kids to play. he also tries to clear misconceptions that a career in sports will end at 35, and that just because India has a young population, doesn’t mean they are fit. The purpose of the videos is to transform India from a sport loving nation to a sport playing nation.