What are Saafkins: Everything you need to know about Saafkin

Chethana Prakasan

In India, there are several myths and taboos associated with periods or menstrual cycle, which is a natural process unique to girls. The taboos and practices separate women from the usual social life and can have a profound impact on their health and emotional state right from the age when a girl starts menstruating. Apart from these practices, the lack of affordable feminine sanitary products is another reason why women and girls miss out on school and work. Millions of girls and women in this country struggle to go to work or school due to periods as they cannot afford to buy a sanitary pad. Every month, girls are forced to miss five days of their school because they do not have a pad during their menstrual cycle. (ALSO READ What are reusable menstrual pads? Here is everything you wanted know about reusable cloth pads!)

Hardly 20 percent of women in India can afford the disposable pad and the rest, resort to alternatives like rags, husks and even sand.  Some girls are forced to drop out after they start menstruating. Cost of the product is keeping these women and girls away from the sanitary protection but the good news is that there is a cheaper alternative—Saafkins.

What is Saafkin?

Saafkin is a 12-hour reusable sanitary solution. It is the world’s first washable, reusable, yeast and bacteria killing sanitary napkin. It is also 85 percent biodegradable and non-leaching napkin made of stain release fabric for reuse and easy wash. The sanitary protection is part of the #GiveHer5 campaign conceived by the Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi to draw the attention to the issue of millions of girls missing out on school for five days during their period. Saafkin is created by Livinguard Technologies. It can be used for one year or 60 washes. It has special leak-proof lining and absorbs fluid up to 12 hours. The cost of one packet of Saafkin (One packet contains two units) is just Rs 150, which means just Rs 12 per month.(ALSO READ Regulate your periods: 5 ways to regulate an irregular menstrual cycle)

How to wear the Saafkins?

The product contains elastic and can be worn just like your underwear. The firm elastic will hold it in place and is soft on the skin. The pad can be used overnight and will not shift or leak.  Wearing this is very easy and convenient. It is easy to clean and once cleaned, it will not have any odor to it. This is especially good for those who are allergic to scented pads. It may not be suitable for heavy bleeders as the Saafkin may not last for up to 12 hours. (ALSO READ Heavy bleeding during periods: Cause, symptoms and treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding)

How to wash the Saafkins?

It is easy to wash off the blood from the pad using water and little soap. If there is coagulated blood, then  you need to soak it in soap water for some time to clean it thoroughly. Also, make sure to dry it out as it will take longer to dry if you hang in inside the room.

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