Russian woman claims having alien in her fridge

London, Nov 16 (ANI): A woman in Russia has sparked an alien investigation after she claimed that she had an extra-terrestrial in her fridge.

Marta Yegorovnam has told scientists that she found the weird creature two years ago and has been keeping it in her freezer ever since.

She claims to have discovered the strange being in a "crash site" after hearing a loud bang outside her home in Petrozavodsk, western Russia.

Yegorovnam says she found a flaming wreckage and crumpled metal which was unbearably hot with the "alien" nearby.

She also reported that it had been in a spacesuit when she first clapped eyes on it.

Yegorovnam says she has managed to keep the creature perfectly preserved by wrapping it in plastic and putting it in her fridge-freezer.

People who have seen pictures of the "alien" have likened it to Jabba The Hutt from the 'Star Wars films' and Slimer from 'Ghostbusters', the Sun Reported.

Others have claimed the bizarre finding as a rotting vegetable, which looks remarkably other-worldly.

The Karelian Academy of Science in Petrozavodsk is now investigating Yegorovnam's story. (ANI)