Russian Man Dubbed ‘Human Mummy’ After Being Kidnapped by Bear and Saved As Food in Den for a Month (Watch Video)

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A man, who reportedly went missing for about a month, is found alive inside a Russia Cave. Identified only as Alexander, the man who is dubbed as a “human mummy” was dragged in the den by a brown bear in Russia’s remote Tuva region. Discovered by hunting dogs, the victim was rushed into hospital for immediate medical assistance and the doctors said that he had broken his spine in a fight with the brown bear. He further informed that the bear had overpowered him and kept him as food, planning to eat later. The video surfaced online, contain the images of the bearded man, with injuries all over his body. Brown Bears Eat 20 Corpses in a Cemetry in Russia, Including that of a Child. 

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Animal experts suggest that Eurasian brown bears usually drag their prey into their home and save it to eat later, and Alexandra was likely its next meal. It was a group of Russian hunters, who found the man after their dogs barked and refused to move on from the bear den they passed in the forest, in mountainous Tuva. When they checked the cave, they saw Alexandra, who they believed was a human mummy, until, they realised that he is alive. Brown Bear Pelted With Stones, Falls Into River in Jammu and Kashmir; Authorities Launch Search Operation After Video Goes Viral. 

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Doctors are unable to explain, how Alexandra, whose age has not been revealed, has survived such severe injuries. He added that the whole time, he drank his own urine to survive. The doctors only called it a ‘miracle’ that he was not killed. The exact location where he was found and the hospital name has not been revealed for security reasons.