Russian beauty Victoria Lopyreva is ensuring Man Utd fans visiting Rostov remain safe!

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Victoria Lopyreva / Instagram

Manchester United have two things to worry about ahead of their Europa League round-of-16 encounter against FC Rostov in Russia on Thursday. The first is that none of their players get injured while playing in the dangerous "rock hard" pitch, as referred by Jose Mourinho.

The second being there is no hooliganism during the match. Off late, football matches in Russia have been prone to brawls and utter nuisance caused by Russia's notorious thugs.

According to The Sun, a total of 238 Man Utd fans are travelling for the match against Rostov at the Olimp-2 stadium. Question now remains if they will remain safe during the match.

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Well, here comes Victoria Lopyreva, a ravishing Russian, who is also an ambassador for the FIFA World Cup 2018. The 33-year-old drop-dead gorgeous model and TV actress has posted a hotline number, exclusively for the fans, in case they get into trouble.

Disclaimer: The phone number posted by the blonde is not her personal one!

She wrote out a long post on her Instagram account assuring Manchester United fans as well the Rostov fans, every help possible:

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As a FIFA ambassador for the World Cup 2018 who was born in Rostov, I came to my native city to attend the game Rostov vs Manchester United and to meet with the U.K. Media and to make a tour for our foreign guests.

I believe that Russia is fully ready to give all football fans around the world the best experience on all levels. The Russian people are renowned with their great hospitality. We believe that every Russian citizen has to become a volunteer during the World Cup and every International game as this one hence not only we want to ensure that our guests have the best football experience but we want them to explore our beautiful city and its culture and learn more about our rich history and traditions and enjoy our local diverse cuisine. I asked all football fans to be friendly and tolerant! Let us show the whole world our South Russians hospitality!

Before the game I applied to the Russian Football Premier League to arrange a support for "Manchester United" fans arriving in our wonderful city for the UEFA Europe League game FC Rostov - MU.

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The Russian Football Premier League and its legal partner, The European Legal Service, kindly responded on my request. As a part of the program "Stadium is our common home", on the 9th of March in case of conflict or doubt any fan can contact our hot line and receive professional legal help or advice in both Russian and English.

Hotline: For Manchester United fans +7(499) 215 20 14
For Rostov fans: 8-800-333-0901

I am thankful to Russian Premier League and their legal partner for immediate support in organizing 24-hour call-center for MU fans. We are more than welcome for our foreign guests! 

 Photos of Victoria Lopyreva

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