Russia may block NATO supply routes over missile shield dispute

Moscow, Dec 1 (ANI): Russia has threatened that it might not allow NATO to use its territory for supplying troops in Afghanistan if the alliance does not seriously consider its objections to a US-led missile shield for Europe, Russia's ambassador to NATO has confirmed. If NATO doesn't give a serious response, "we have to address matters in relations in other areas," The Nation quoted Ambassador Dmitri Rogozin, as saying. He added that Russia's cooperation on Afghanistan might be an area for review. Last week, Russia threatened US to deploy its own ballistic missiles on the border of the European Union to counter the anti-missile3 system. NATO says the shield is meant to thwart an attack from a rogue state such as Iran, that it poses no threat to Russia, and that the alliance will go ahead with the plan despite Moscow's objections. Threats to NATO supply lines through Russia has come at a crucial times when Pakistan has asked the US to vacate the Shamsi Air Base in protest against a NATO attack that killed 28 Pakistani soldiers. (ANI)