Russia: Man tries to board flight naked saying clothes make him ‘less aerodynamic’

Shubham Ghosh

Moscow, March 26: The aviation sector has come up with all sorts of bizarre news nowadays. Recently, a woman boarded a plane in Saudi Arabia forgetting her newborn back at the airport and the pilot had to return to pick it up. Now, another bizarre incident has happened in Russia's Domodedovo Airport where a man tried to board a plane naked not for he felt that wearing clothes would make his less aerodynamic, the Moscow Times cited a report by REN TV as saying.

The man completed the Ural Airlines flight's registration before suddenly shedding his clothes and ran naked onto the jet bridge, according to eyewitnesses.

"He shouted that he was naked because clothing impairs the aerodynamics of the body. He flies with more agility when undressed," REN TV quoted a fellow passenger as saying.

The man's explanation of physics though did not convince the airport staff members and they intercepted him before he could board the flight heading for Crimea. He was also detained by the police later.

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"After the police had detained the offender, he was taken to the airport's medical room and then was hospitalized in a medical facility. The offender is a native of Yakutsk but lives in the Moscow region," Moscow Times cited the press service of the Interior Ministry as saying.

A video was released of the man after he was handcuffed by the police and sat on the floor, without any clothes on his body.

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