Russia hopes US won't act unilaterally against Pyongyang

Indo Asian News Service

Moscow, April 17 (IANS) Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Monday said he hoped the US would not take unilateral action against North Korea.

Lavrov made these comments during a news conference in Moscow in the wake of Pyongyang's failed missile launch over the weekend, Efe news reported.

"We do not accept Pyongyang's reckless nuclear and missile actions in violation of numerous UN Security Council resolutions," Lavrov said.

"But this does not mean that it is possible to violate international law in the same way by using force," he added, referring to a possible strike by the US military against North Korea.

"I very much hope that there will be no unilateral actions, like those that we saw recently in Syria," said Lavrov.

On April 6, US President Donald Trump ordered the bombing of the government-held Shayrat Airbase, located in the Syrian province of Homs, following reports of a chemical attack on the town of Khan Shaykhun that left at least 80 people dead.

Lavrov's comments came shortly after US Vice President Mike Pence said during a trip to Seoul that "North Korea would do well not to test (Trump's) resolve".