Russia developing 200−km range rocket system

Indo Asian News Service

Moscow, Nov 20 (IANS/RIA Novosti) Russia is developing new long−range multiple−launch rocket systems (MLRS) with improved guidance that could allow them to strike targets up to 200 km away, the defence ministry's artillery spokesman said.

"We have the military−technical potential to create a new generation of MLRS with a range of 200 km," said Lt. Col. Nikolai Donyushkin.

Russia's artillery currently deploys the 122−mm Grad, 220−mm Uragan, and 300−mm Smerch rocket systems, and the improved Tornado−S, Tornado−G, and Uragan 1−M are currently undergoing state acceptance trials.

The army is in the process of receiving up to 30 Tornado−G systems this year, replacing the BM−21 Grad.

The improved Tornado−S is being upgraded with the special GLONASS satellite navigation system used in the Smerch missile system, Donyushkin said.

The Tornado−S will have guided rocket rounds enabling it to fire out to 120 km.

"The Tornado−S will have a longer range and increased effectiveness thanks to greater accuracy and the use of new warhead payloads and a reduced launch readiness time of just three minutes," he said.

The army is gradually moving toward a new level of capability for deploying precision use of long−range rocket artillery, he said.

"Massed use of high−precision weapons makes it possible to be certain of destroying high−value targets before they can be used on the battlefield by main−force groups. Fewer rounds need to be fired, simplifying logistics," he added.

−−IANS/RIA Novosti