Russel Arnold says more threatening Senanayake becomes more rumours of 'action' emerge

Karachi, June 03 (ANI): Former Sri Lanka cricketer Russel Arnold has said that the more threatening Sachithra Senanayake becomes the more rumours one hears in light of the off-spinner being reported to the International Cricket Council (ICC) over suspected illegal bowling action.

Arnold said that he does see a lot of other bowlers with similar actions and the ICC has a process whereby testing would be done or has been done, adding that that process needs to take its course.

According to the Pak Passion, the former left-handed batsman said that a lot of people had been very critical of Muttiah Muralitharan's bowling action as well, because his wrist going round was creating an illusion, but the fact is that there was nothing illegal happening there.

Arnold added that Senanayke's action was found to be legal in the past, but the more threatening he becomes the more murmurs one hears, so he does not feel surprised that the off-spinner was reported.

However, Arnold added that he does think that its good that Senanayake goes through the process again so that he can put an end to all the doubts once and for all.

Senanayake will undergo testing within 21 days but has been allowed to play the final match with Sri Lanka in the five series ODI against England, the report added. (ANI)