Rumour: Rey Mysterio's daughter to begin love angle on WWE TV

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Bengaluru, September 16: Rey Mysterio's daughter, Aalyah Mysterio has suddenly become a name under speculation after what transpired on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. The current belief is that WWE is likely to use her in a storyline, moving forward. The Mysterio family has recently been involved in an angle with Seth Rollins whereas she could move to a separate love story.
Seth Rollins fought Dominik Mysterio in a Steel Cage match on RAW, which marked the third singles encounter between these two in a month. Rollins picked up yet another victory by nailing a Stomp on his opponent. After the match, he turned on his tag partner, Murphy, as he accidentally hit The Monday Night Messiah with the steel cage door.
Besides, Murphy failed Rollins, last week losing a match against Dominik. As a result, the disciple suffered a ruthless attack after which the camera picked up on Rollins telling Rey's wife, Angie Mysterio, that he hopes that her daughter turns out better than Dominik.

After Rollins headed towards backstage, Rey Mysterio and Angie went on to check their son Dominik whereas Aalyah Mysterio, checked on Murphy before entering the Steel Cage. She patted on his hands who was lying beside the steel ring steps, still down from Rollins' beatdown.

That short interaction between Aalyah and Murphy has given birth to rumours that WWE is possibly starting a romantic angle between the two. Rey Mysterio's daughter is only 19, while Murphy is 31, but such a big age difference had never been a bar for superstars romancing on TV. WWE has done it before and they could do it again.
No concrete update is available on this matter as this is just speculation led by the WWE Universe. Aalyah could have been just showing compassion for Murphy there, only. One week ago, she and the other Mysterio family members beat the hell out of Murphy with 86 Kendo Stick shots and the gesture was for sympathetic reasons.

This is not the first time that Aalyah Mysterio is involved on WWE TV, though. Back in 2010, she appeared on SmackDown as a kid to watch her father wrestling on TV. Later, she entered the WWE ring with other Mysterio family members on that same night. Going by Aalyah's Instagram account, she's committed to someone which further confirms that there won't be anything serious with Murphy.
Rey Mysterio is currently out of action, owing to the torn tricep at Payback 2020 PPV. It's a partial tear that allows him to come back within a couple of months and this is the reason WWE hasn't taken him off TV. The storylines involving Dominik and Aalyah Mysterio will help him continue making relevant appearances while going through this incompetent stage.

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