Rudy Giuliani Stuns NBC's Chuck Todd: 'Truth Isn't Truth'

Hayley Miller

Rudy Giuliani on Sunday gave another eyebrow-raising TV interview, telling NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday he’s concerned about special counsel Robert Mueller interviewing President Donald Trump because the “truth isn’t the truth.”

The president’s attorney, appearing on “Meet The Press,” continued to attack the credibility of Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and whether Trump obstructed justice.

“Look, I’m not going to be rushed into having [Trump] testify so that he gets trapped into perjury,” Giuliani told Todd. “When you tell me that... he should testify because he’s going to tell the truth and he shouldn’t worry. Well, that’s so silly, because it’s somebody’s version of the truth ― not the truth.”

Todd, visibly perplexed, interrupted: “Truth is truth.” But Giuliani frantically fired back, prompting laughter from Todd.

″No it isn’t! Truth isn’t truth!” Giuliani responded. “The president of the United States says, ‘I didn’t ―’”

“Mr. Mayor, do you realize... this is going to become a bad meme,” Todd interrupted.

Though Trump has expressed interest in having Mueller’s team interview him, Giuliani has pushed back against the idea, warning his client that he could be caught in a “perjury trap.” For instance, he has repeatedly...

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