The Rudest Book Ever: Excerpt

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Read an excerpt here. (Source: | Designed by Rajan Sharma)

Shwetabh Gangwar is here to solve your problems. In his book, The Rudest Book Ever, he cuts through the clutter and offers simple, practical solutions which will help us lead better lives. He believes that all people need is a set of principles to guide them through the process and the journey of life will be infinitely more convenient. This book is published by Westland.

Read an excerpt here.

Becoming independent

Before we move on to the nation part, let’s make sure we know what our objective is. It is the simple question: how do you extract self-worth, approval, acceptance from your ‘self’? To do this, there needs to be a ‘self’ first. This means you will have to get to know your self. When you are getting to know your self, you will find out that you have specific wants, desires and tendencies in you. Out of those, you’re gonna find out that there are certain things in you which are the enemy. It could be certain desires, some urges in you, or some tendencies which cause self-harm. Basically, they are set out to ruin whatever you wanna build.

When you find out all these things, you realise you need to bottle them the f**k up. You need to control this s**t. Therefore, you create self-control. Sounds awesome, right? It is. Self-control creates rules, establishes some morality according to which your actions and choices are going to be regulated from now on. This means you are becoming your own person, as you are taking control of yourself. You have rules now. You have moral grounds which you don’t breach.

Now, think about what just happened. The moment you say you have rules and moral codes, you are kinda becoming your own authority. This basically means: for the first time in your life, your self is in charge of you. And when you are able to pull this off for some time, when you are making decisions in your life taking into account what the rules and moral codes are, you experience self-respect.

Dayum, this shit is coming together. Self-respect in turn makes you feel that life right now is all right. It makes you feel proud of yourself for making decisions that you want to make. Lastly, self-respect assures you that the ‘self’ as the current authority is the best for you. And that, my friend, is the entire game—you being in full control of your actions and decisions. Now, stay with me. What do you think happens when you don’t have self-control? Those very tendencies, desires, and urges that are the enemy easily take over you and become the authority.

It could be greed, lust, anything. And we see this happen all around us. For example: porn addiction, or some sexual practice that can damage your healthy relationship, or a power-trip that doesn’t care about consequences. These are common examples of desires and tendencies that were  supposed to be spanked by self-control and kept in check.

And that is why self-control is paramount for the self to remain the authority of you. Without it, these f**king enemies can take over and destroy your mental peace. But it’s not only self-control, self-respect is equally important. While self-control takes care of inner demons, self-respect takes care of enemies outside. Without self-respect, you leave yourself open for
people to take over and become your authority. You don’t want examples for this, you have seen this shit happen
all around you: people doing anything to make someone happy, disregarding their self, their own wants, plans, everything. And not just for love, this happens all over the world for approval, acceptance and self-worth. Yikes. So, self-respect ensures nobody f**ks with your authority over your own mind, feelings and wants.