'RuPaul’s Drag Race' star Baga Chipz reveals her pre-show rituals

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Watch: Baga Chipz shares her tips on how to be stage ready

As one of the major stars of RuPaul’s first UK Drag Race, Baga Chipz knows a thing or two about drag – and most importantly – being ready for that big stage performance.

“If you're not stage ready, then you might as well not do drag,” she says.

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So, if you’re about to take to the stage in drag – or you just want to be ready for that next major Zoom call – Chipz has got some top tips for you!

Be prepared

A drag queen always needs to be prepared, whether that’s having extra nails or lipstick on hand. Being prepared also means you’ll look you very best, important whether you’re performing in front of a big crowd – or attending the family Zoom quiz.

“Spray that face till it's not moving anymore,” she advises. “If you smudge your lipstick, you're going to rough. You don't want to look rough!”

Practice makes perfect

In this case, Chipz advises practicing your costume changes as you may not have long to get into character.

Baga Chipz believes being prepared is the most important thing for any drag artist (Image: Getty Images)
Baga Chipz believes being prepared is the most important thing for any drag artist (Image: Getty Images)

She says: “Make sure your boobs are in place, your legs are on show and you will have a ‘much betta’ performance!”

Stretch your face

Aside from the makeup, the most important part of drag is your facial expressions.

“With drag, everything is bigger,” explains the Midlands-born star.

“You need all those people at the back to see you - so be funny, over the top, exaggerate, exaggerate.”

Get into the zone

Just before it’s time to take your place centre stage, Chipz suggests getting into the zone by practising some poses.

“Do some poses,” she says. “What's your best angle to look good? What is your best side? My best side is everything because I'm beautiful!”

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She also finishes by doing some vocal exercises, but suggests you go somewhere quiet as they can make you look a little crazy!

Just do it!

While you can be super prepared for your show or your entrance at a party, at some point, you’ve just got to get out and do it.

The Celebrity Masterchef star says: “Take a deep breath, wrap that microphone and show them what you've got. You've got this. You've got it in the ‘Baga’. Enjoy the show!”

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