Round 2 of COVID vaccine dry run, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan visits Chennai to take stock of preparedness

Coronavirus vaccine dry run 2.0 to takes place today across India except for except Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan visits Rajiv Gandhi hospital in Chennai to take stock of the preparedness ahead of the 2nd round of dry run of Covid-19 vaccine that will take place today.

In a press briefing; Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said, 'In the near future, we should be able to give these vaccines to our countrymen. It will be given to our healthcare professional followed by frontline workers.'

While praising the Tamil Nadu government to contain the spread of the Coronavirus cases in the state; he said, 'I chose to be in Tamil Nadu today and I would like to place on record my appreciation for the govt of Tamil Nadu. Initially, we were worried about many states, including Tamil Nadu. But now it has managed to do well.'