Rough divorce from EU not wanted: Boris Johnson

Indo Asian News Service

Paris, April 1 (IANS) UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson spoke of good faith in the future negotiations for Brexit, which will lead the country out of the European Union (EU), and hoped that the separation would be smooth.

Johnson made the remarks in an interview with the French daily "Le Figaro", published Saturday, that he did not want a "Hollywood-style rough divorce", and that the emotional and psychological relationships between the UK and Europe are too intense for that to happen, Efe news reported.

The former London mayor, one of the major voices behind the UK's decision to leave the EU during the referendum on June 23, 2016, said that he was in Germany this week and termed the discussions as positive.

Johnson said that "the tone and content" of British Prime Minister Theresa May's letter, activating the beginning of negotiations for UK's exit from the EU, pleased the European partners.

Johnson added that they understand that they will not have any more influence in European laws and are ready for the sacrifice; moreover, they know the negotiations will be difficult, but will approach them with goodwill.

According to the Foreign Secretary, the negotiations should give absolute priority towards protecting British citizens residing in Europe and vice-versa.