Rose Gets a Cubist Makeover at The Wendell Rodricks Show

Can the rose get a cubist makeover? Apparently yes, as was evident from Schulen Fernandes’ collection, The Cubist Rose, for the label Wendell Rodricks at Amazon India Fashion Week.

Rose was interpreted in different forms: in cut metallic leather, layered organza, floating georgette, structured cotton satin, and silken linen for the new collection. The result? Interesting layered jackets, dresses and other pieces.

A piece from The Cubist Rose collection. (Photo: Yogen Shah)

The Cubist Rose, that draws on the cubist style of art, seems to be in line with Wendell Rodricks’ philosophy of using geometry as inspiration.

The most dramatic piece in the entire collection was this blouse with 302 fine seams. Its layers quite resembled the layers of a rose!

The Cubist Rose collection by Schulen Fernandes. (Photo: Yogen Shah)

Also, take a look at the zig zag double-toned details in this piece. Calls for a second glance, doesn’t it?

The Cubist Rose collection by Schulen Fernandes. (Photo: Yogen Shah)

The collection looked youthful and fun. It offset volume against slim silhouettes, and structured fits against fluid flowy dresses.

It also had silver and gold accents thrown in.

Some of the designs included jacket dresses, Cubist petal collars, 3D elevated leather cutwork, Harlequin technicolour blocking, angled silhouettes and hems.

There was also a lot of delicious colour in the collection.

The collection happens to be Schulen Fernandes’ second collection for the Wendell Rodricks label as Creative Head.