Roomkey Secures 5 Million Dollars in Capital Via Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone; Appoints Artist Devin White as Head of Music Relations

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It’s a beautiful blend when art and business come together, and is no exception to this rule. Roomkey is a startup currently in stealth mode which has raised $5.3M from Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, amongst other great VCs. Today, Roomkey is appointing music artist and executive Devin White as Head of Music Relations to continue to grow their footing as a direct to consumer platform for creatives.

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MWhite has seemingly done the impossible with his unique ability to create balance between executive influence and creativity. The initial breakthrough was his development of The Culture Tour, an artist driven programming platform launched in collaboration with Roc Nation executive Rel Carter. “The Culture Tour was my first opportunity as a creator to work nationally.” said Devin White in a statement to Yahoo Finance. “It opened doors for me. Rel [Carter] taking a chance on that platform was the start of a broader outlook for everyone involved.” Beyond the tour partnership, White continues to create leverage across the industry with his unique marketing and curating abilities and strong understanding of asset creation. Following a brief tenure as executive assistant to Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation records head, White launched Soundcheck, a multi-faceted music conglomerate complete with everything from promotions and artist management to collaborative album projects with Ne-Yo and Mario. White recognizes the value in not just being creative, but also savvy within the industry. Alongside his position as a Roomkey executive, he’s launching a virtual talk show series, ‘Soundcheck Connects’ in an effort to use Roomkey’s platform to further bring together artist, A&R’s, producers and label heads from around the world.

The Roomkey platform enables communities to clone themself as avatars, and then get together to discuss their passions.

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Avatars arrive inside of Soundcheck Connects virtual venue, where White welcomes them from the stage. Users can then control their character, much like a video game, and move around the venue to socialize, or even take virtual selfies with celebrities.

As the Head of Music Relations for Roomkey, White now has the ability to bring together his community like never before. Roomkey’s virtual environment provides the perfect framework for professionals globally to connect intimately, bringing back those moments of serendipity which we’ve lost as a result of this pandemic.

“I’ve tried other video platforms, but nothing was as fun as a video game, or as effective for networking as in-person events. I’m excited about my role with Roomkey as we slowly begin to change how people all over the globe connect around their artistic passions,” said White.

Roomkey is led by CEO Don Stein, who says his “career goal is to help enable the VR industry to become adopted by consumers.” He believes virtual ecosystems are the future of social. Avatars and VR are just as important as the PC since they too can facilitate global connectedness. Virtual Worlds are the closest thing we have to teleportation by creating an on-demand feeling of being somewhere else, aka presence.

Stay on the lookout for as they are sure to bring cool back to online events, revolutionize the way online gatherings happen, and are currently partnering with some of the world's top content brands to create weekly talkshows and events. The population of Roomkey’s virtual world is currently 40,000 Avatars. You too can become a citizen by receiving an invite to one of the events.

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