Rongali Bihu celebrated across Assam with fervor

Rongali or the Bohag Bihu festival is one of the most significant and biggest festivals in the landlocked state of Assam.During the week-long festival, people from the province of Assam, irrespective of caste, creed, and religion celebrate Rongali Bihu, the state's most colourful festival, with traditional gaiety and religious fervor.In the city of Guwahati, young and old alike, wore traditional costumes to welcome the harvest festival with zeal and grand.The traditional dance was decked with colourful Assamese Chador and mesmerized the audience.Similarly, in Assam's Jorhat city, on the first day of Bihu festival, titled the Goru Bihu, people were seen reciting traditional hymn while praying for the good health of their animals.On the first day of the festival, people in different parts of the state also took their cattle to ponds and rivers and gave them a ceremonial bath and rubbed their bodies with herbs to keep off the flies and insects and provided them with new attaching ropes.Rongali Bihu is a week-long festival, though its celebrations will continue for the whole month with various cultural programmes and functions being conducted across the state.