Ronda Rousey to leave WWE after Wrestlemania 35?


Bengaluru, March 21: It was pretty weird to see the WWE fans boo at Ronda Rousey on Monday Night Raw. Ever since her Wrestlemania match was set up against Becky Lynch, the WWE Universe turned on her mercilessly and jeered her. This is something uncalled for, but that's what one has to face while going up against the hottest property of pro-wrestling now. So WWE turned her heel just a few days before the biggest event of the year.
The reason behind this was the assumed departure of Ronda Rousey following Wrestlemania 35. At one point, Charlotte Flair was scheduled to face her for the WWE Raw women's championship. Eventually, this became a triple threat match when Lynch, who is the favorite to take away the belt from the reigning champ, was added into the context.
April 7th could mark the last date that Ronda Rousey will compete in a WWE ring, at least for now. Rumours previously suggested that her contract with the company ends after Wrestlemania. But that is not true as WWE confirmed that the deal runs until 2021. This creates a major conflict with the recent speculations which say the baddest woman on the planet is ready to leave.

Meanwhile, Dave Meltzer gave further updates on Wrestling Observer Radio about this situation. He stated that the Raw women's champion might just take a short hiatus from WWE and return soon. He also adds that the current WWE schedule has her booked until the April 8th episode of Monday Night Raw, but after that is which we can't trace her in any of the advertisements.

It's a fact that Ronda Rousey looks jaded due to the rigorous schedule over the past year. She has never performed so regularly and that indeed has taken a toll on her body. We have heard her mention that her body needs a break several times before. But her commitment in the company stopped her from taking a hiatus, (courtesy
"Rousey is said to be a team player, unlike Brock Lesnar who holds up Vince McMahon until Vince meets his demands. It was also noted that Ronda's goal is to do for the women's division in WWE what she did for the women's division in UFC, and make it so women can main event WrestleMania even after she's gone."

The other reason behind the hiatus could be Ronda Rousey wanting to start a family. But she's on a mission to take the women's division to a place where they have never been before that is a consistent slot in main event. This has been her goal since day one which will become successful with the culmination of the upcoming title match. Thereafter, she herself will decide what the next chapter in her life would be.

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