Ronda Rousey’s husband reacts on WWE banning him from Raw


Bengaluru, March 22: All hell broke loose on this week's episode of WWE Raw that witnessed a rare appearance by Ronda Rousey's husband, Travis Browne. He was there as a viewer but broke the rules by putting his hands on the security team of the show forcing WWE to take steps.

Browne is now banned from appearing on the flagship show of the WWE for a lifetime which makes sense. But he does not have any remorse for the actions committed on this past Monday Night.
Travis Browne accompanied his wife to the scheduled WWE Raw women's championship match on the Chicago edition. It was a blink-and-miss kind of affair where Ronda Rousey successfully defended the title by putting on the arm-bar submission move over Dana Brooke. She continued punishing Brooke even after the match was over forcing the WWE officials to run out.
'The baddest woman on the planet' dared to put her hands on some of the security team members and so did her husband, Travis Browne. Following this, the McMahons put the ban on him to which he reacted via social media. The former UFC fighter made some arrogant comments on the 'Ronda on the Road' Youtube channel which are as follows,
"It's like twofold. It's a win-win situation. I intervened. My wife said 'you totally saved them'. And I got to punch them in the face. I might not be allowed to come to RAWs anytime soon. I don't give a s**t, it was totally worth it."

Even Ronda Rousey reacted on the McMahons banning her husband via an Instagram post, earlier. She alluded to the fact that WWE should be thankful to Browne because he was the one to stop her from giving a further beatdown to the security officials. He will not be present in the upcoming episodes which means no one will be safe from her hands,
"WWE can go ahead and fine me however much they want. They can't control me with money. You're all lucky my husband @travisbrownemma was there to stop me when I was just getting started. Now that he's been banned from #Raw, your luck has run out."
The ongoing kayfabe situation between WWE and Ronda Rousey has been plotted well to 'work' the WWE fans. The creative team seems hell-bent on putting over the Raw women's champion as the meanest heel of the roster prior to Wrestlemania. So they inserted Travis Browne into an angle on Chicago episode of WWE Raw which was an overall dull show, otherwise.

This is not the first time that Ronda Rousey put her hands on the officials. WWE already fined her last week for going berserk on TV. We expect similar consequences to be reserved for the champion when WWE Raw airs on March 25th. This episode from TD Garden in Boston will not feature Travis Browne anyway unless he wishes to commit trespassing.

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