Update on Ronda Rousey’s documentary & Wrestlemania 35 main event


Bengaluru, January 11: Ronda Rousey has been the savior of Monday Night Raw for the past several months. Her significance on the roster has grown even bigger ever since Roman Reigns' absence. Seth Rollins has tried his best to replace The Big Dog to the best of his capability. But it's impossible for one man to drag the flagship show for a long time. Thankfully, he received the former UFC superstar to help him out.
It is Ronda Rousey and her regular title defenses that have been a must-watch on WWE Raw. She was able to prove her critics, who predicted that this WWE run will not become successful wrong. They had to take back their words after seeing her deliver every time she stepped into the ring. It's kind of 'blink and you'll miss' kind of action which are very rare in WWE.
The transition of Ronda Rousey to become a professional wrestler from an MMA athlete was not an easy one. She had to train very hard than anyone else to achieve the spotlight. We will get to see the journey as WWE Network has made a documentary on her. As per the reports of PWInsider.com, the documentary will be available via WWE Network on January 27th, right after Royal Rumble goes off air.

The Royal Rumble 2019 will also mark the one-year anniversary of Ronda Rousey in the WWE. This PPV might also set the Wrestlemania championship match for her. Currently, the plan is to book Becky Lynch for the WWE Raw women's championship match producing the dream match the fans have been waiting.
But this may not become the main event of Wrestlemania 35, (courtesy stillrealtous.com)
"The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that as of this week current plans call for Ronda Rousey to face Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 35. At this point, the decision as to whether or not the match will be the main event has not been made, and probably won't be made until close to show time."

WWE often decides the closing match of Wrestlemania on the very night, itself. This keeps the speculation alive amongst the fans about the main event match. The trend might continue this year too especially now that Roman Reigns is not in the scene. It will be hard for the fans to predict the biggest marquee match of the night in his absence.

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