Ronaldinho will marry both his girlfriends at the same time

Shalini Ojha

Ronaldinho will marry both his girlfriends at the same time

25 May 2018: Ronaldinho will marry both his girlfriends at the same time

In what is bound to raise many eyebrows, Brazil football star Ronaldinho is set to marry his two girlfriends- Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza, at the same time, this August.

The rare wedding will happen at the former Barcelona player's £5 million Rio de Janeiro mansion.

The trio is reported to be living 'harmoniously' since December last year.

The arrangement: Ronaldinho buys exact same presents for both his girlfriends

Ronaldinho started dating Beatriz in 2016, without ending his relationship with Priscilla that started years ago.

He proposed to both of them in January and gave the engagement rings. Such is the arrangement among them, that the former world player gives both of them the exact same presents.

Both his girlfriends accompany Ronaldinho to almost all the events he attends.

Family disapproves: Ronaldinho's sister Deisi will not attend the wedding

The Brazil law considers bigamy illegal and it is punishable by up to six years in prison.

But, Ronaldinho's marriage with his girlfriends won't be registered and will just be symbolic.

Ronaldinho's sister Deisi, who doesn't approve of his lifestyle, will be missing the wedding.

His neighbor will take care of the music at the event and few celebrity friends will attend the ceremony.

The road ahead: Will this wedding destroy Ronaldinho's political career?

Ronaldinho, who is 'adept at polygamy', might be putting his future in politics at stake by going ahead with the wedding.

A few weeks ago, he joined the Centre-right Brazilian Republican Party (PRB) and plans to contest elections.

However, party insiders think his unorthodox lifestyle may hinder his chances of winning an election.